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The 2014 Honey Maid commercial titled “This Is Wholesome” has provoked controversy amongst Christians and the moral majority nationwide. I’m speaking of those that believe in a stricter more traditional lifestyle. This marketing strategy may be TOO radical for the grassroots of America. Is this simply “sinners” fighting for acceptance in society or is there an underlying political scheme at work? The “Almighty” vs. the “Almighty Dollar”.

In 2015 we are still a country established on the Christian faith. Whether we like it or not the grassroots of America still have the majority vote. Honey Maid was established by a Christian minister who believed in a healthier lifestyle for the masses, so he created his famous graham crackers as a low fat healthy snack. This leads to confusion amongst the faithful as to why this company would play both sides of the coin and promote lifestyles clearly written as sinful and abominations against nature.

Several taboo Christian moral issues have been condensed down into a heartfelt 30 second video. The ad clearly promotes gay marriage as wholesome. The two men with a baby appear to be a family and are shown later with older children. The Bible states gay marriage and gay relationships are a sin. Most Christians believe raising children in gay households is a form of child abuse and should also not be allowed.

Honey Maid said this is “wholesome”.

If that isn’t bad enough; the video ad shows a single dad successfully raising his son. The dad is assumed to be divorced. Not all divorce is considered a sin, but no matter the reason, the advertisement wants the viewer to agree that it is normal.
Honey Maid said this is “wholesome”.
We also witness a rock-n-roll family desecrating their bodies with tattoos and playing rock music in the home.

Honey Maid said this is “wholesome”.

And finally, what should we think about the interracial family? Mixing race and religion is bad for society and your soul according to some religious Christian sects; you are mixing believers with non-believers. This same interracial family also proudly promotes a military father. Though being in the military is not a sin, battle and killing should be for Christian reasons only; for many battles were fought in the Bible in the name of God.

Honey Maid said this is “wholesome”.

If you the reader are Christian, you more than likely see the controversy here. Does any-one really care when the Almighty vs. the Almighty Dollar in the year 2015?

Andrew Solomon, an established author and writer for The New Yorker magazine brings to mind that “Advertising both follows and leads to change. Marketers’ objective is to sell things, and they will seldom be brave enough to jeopardize their own interests, but their own interests appear to be changing.” He follows to say “Coca-Cola and Honey Maid ads have appeared in the same season in which Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona, vetoed S.B. 1062, an-ti-gay legislation that had passed her state’s legislature. Her veto came partly at the behest of senators who had belatedly understood the bill’s financial consequences. Regard for equal human rights did not drive Brewer; the threat of losing the Super Bowl did. (How did the Super Bowl become the nexus of gay rights?) It turns out that tolerating gay people is good for business, even in Arizona. I’d prefer that people such as I get our rights because we command respect and evince dignity, but if we get them because there’s money in it, that’s fine.”
I personally can see this being the standard process when money is involved. The sad part is that it is so obvious. Where are the Knights Templar when you need them?

With all this being said, I would have to agree with an article by Beth Nichols of The Motley Fool webs site. She stated this ad “falls squarely into a category that I’ll call “rebel marketing”. This is basically glamorizing a controversial subject for ratings and attention.

So as these rebel marketers slowly hack away at the fabric of society, we are subconsciously and subliminally becoming more accepting, and one step closer to “hell”. Maybe? Who knows? Am I already a victim?
Ok, enough with the preaching. I’m sorry Mother Superior and the moral majority, when it comes to the “Almighty Dollar” consensus type decision-making is winning.

Tom Wetzel, a Commentator for The Hampton Institute Think Tank website, quoted the political writer Rudy Perkins, “Majority rule is disliked because among the two, three or many courses of action proposed, only one is chosen; the rest are “defeated.” Wetzel added, “Consensus theoretically accommodates everyone’s ideas. In practice this often led to:
• A watered down, least-common-denominator solution, or
• The victory of one proposal through intimidation or acquiescence, or
• The creation of a vague proposal to placate everyone, while the plan of one side or another is actually implemented through committees or office staff.”((Rudy Perkins, “Breaking with Libertarian Dogma: Lessons from the Anti-Nuclear Struggle,” Black Rose, Fall, 1979, 15.))
Perkins wrote this is 1979, in 2015 nothing has changed. When money and politics are involved we still want to talk things out and keep everyone happy. That’s it. Preachers can preach until they are blue in the face, but the Almighty does not trump the Almighty Dollar.

Bruce Horovitz of USA Today said “It’s a brand-new, multicolored, multisexual world of advertising. Major mainstream brands are plowing ahead and all but ignoring the expected social-media blow-back, with one eye on demographics and another on survival.”
Horovitz also quoted Andrew Erlich, a cross-cultural psychologist, consultant and author, “The big brands are coming to the conclusion that diversity in America is inevitable This horse has left the barn.”
Gary Osifchin, senior marketing director of biscuits for U.S. Mondelez (owner of Honey Maid brand) says, “We want to be a brand that is current. No matter how things out there in the world have changed, the enduring value of wholesome connections between parent and child have endured.”

Well there you have it. Sounds like a double-edged sword to me.
Hebrews 4:12 says “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”
I will leave you with that thought, now pass me a graham cracker. Is it getting HOT in here?


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