Yes this is me as a nun in the play Nuncrackers. http://www.boroarts.org/

Hello world. My name is Debbie Phillips. I was a single mom for most of my children’s lives, I too was raised by a single mom; I was also raised by the Catholic church. I’m not sure what I feel about that. I felt like a sinner most of my life. I was rejected as a kindergartener from attending a Catholic school in my neighborhood because my mother was divorced, therefore I was damaged goods and the ‘devils spawn’. At the young age of five years old I shouldn’t even remember that experience, but that was my first taste of the Catholic lifestyle which would form the next eighteen years of my life.

Now that I am older and wiser and can see things with an open mind, I still struggle with what is right and wrong. Right and wrong change with the times, politics, political correctness, business, marketing…all the things that make up our daily lives. This blog was set up for all the Christians that walk in my shoes, feel free to share.


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